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Return Policy


To begin the refund process, please e-mail - include name, order number, and need for refund.

We would like the refunds to be within a 14 day time period, from when you received the item. The refunded amount will be the total of the returned items, minus the shipping cost. 

Please return to:

KPea Returns 
353 Rice St.
PO Box 131
Elmore, OH 43416
*Please include a note with your name, your email and the reason for refund.

If you need an item repaired or mended or have any concerns:
Please e-mail Customer Service ( for instruction
We stand behind our product 100% and we strive for as close to perfection as possible. Before you send mending, please wash the item :) 
We do offer free mending services for things such as popped topstitching, serge coming undone, etc. 

Send Customer Service ( an e-mail to let us know you are sending some items our way. Then, all you need to do is pack up your items with a note that tell us what you would like fixed and include your return shipping address. You may send items to: 
KPea Original Mending
353 Rice St
P.O. Box 131
Elmore, OH 43416 US
Currently, mending turn around time is 10-14 business days - We pay return shipping! :) 
Gods Blessing to you all, thank you for your honesty and open communication!