The 2018 Summer Soiree Blog
20 Apr

The 2018 Summer Soiree Blog

What is the Summer Soiree?!

Here are the details y'all - since June of 2013, we have held an annual event in our hometown of Elmore, Ohio. This event was sort of a total accident. I had several emails that summer from ladies asking to set up a time to come and see our main design studio and of course shop for dresses. Since we are such a small company (and popular thanks to all of you!) we never really have a bunch of new inventory in our store. Our items tend to sell out quickly and that makes it hard for ladies traveling in. We have a great size studio where all the design, cutting, shipping, etc happens and a smaller boutique set up in the front of our shop. Well, we just could not imagine hosting so many ladies without making it a little special and having unique, exclusive dresses. So we ran with the idea of a summer open house. This is how our "Summer Soiree" was born. Our staff lovingly refers to this event as "The Party". We start prepping for this party as soon as the current one is over. We plan and plan until we plan some more. At the event, our ladies attending can expect to see well over 2000 different pieces available just for the event. Most of the time, we make less than 20 of each design so these are very limited and extra special!!

This year, we have dates for the Summer Soiree set for June 21st to the 23rd. We have different events each day, and I have all of those details listed below. Thursday the 21st is our VIP Design Day - this day is all about the whole KPea experience. You get to spend an hour with the team while we work to design the dress of your dreams and more! Friday the 22nd is our ticketed shopping day. The time slots are one hour long and begin early in the morning. Saturday the 23rd is an OPEN SHOPPING DAY - no ticket required but we do expect this day to be busy, so we will allow just a few shoppers in at a time so it is not too crazy. Check out below for those more specific details about each day! 

In- Person Ticketed Shopping Day

Friday June 22nd

Times: 10AM, 11AM, NOON, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM & 5 PM

Ticketed Shoppers will have one hour to come in and see all the goodies we have during their time slot. Shopping times will begin at 9AM and the final time is 5 PM. There is no major advantage to any particular time as we bring new items out every hour. We have enough different designs too that even popular pieces from a time slot early in the morning should still have a few available later in the day.

Tickets for the event are $5 (we do have flat rate shipping on the site of $5 FYI - we do ship the tickets)

We charge for tickets for many reasons, one is to hold your spot. The second is to make the ticket NOT transferable. We do not want tickets re-sold for more than what we are asking. We will have a waiting area available as well for in between times if you need to have a break in your day. Our waiting area will be at our quilt shop across the street from our store. We will have sale items and light refreshments there as well. 

There are limits to the tickets. Shoppers can have a max of two shopping times per day. This is just to make it fair and provide everyone a chance to shop with us! Each ticket holder may also bring a guest with them - a lot of ladies will share with a friend so they can come four times :) 
We will have limits of how many pieces you can purchase, this is usually a high number and will accommodate everyone while being fair to all shoppers. We do this to assure that each time slot is going to have amazing pieces available to them.
Ticketed shoppers will be added to a Facebook group which we (KPea) will admin so that we can help answer questions, take requests, etc. Expect this group to happen within two weeks of ticket purchase. We WILL MAIL ACTUAL TICKETS.


Open Shopping

Saturday June 23rd  from NOON TO 3 PM

You do not need a ticket for this shopping time we will let as many people at a time in that the event will allow. Usually if we have a line of people waiting, everyone can get in the shop within a half hour of opening to the public.
This is not a crazy shopping event, and everything is very relaxed so no need to worry! We will have lots of inventory and helpful hands available
NEW INVENTORY WILL BE RELEASED DURING THIS OPEN TIME - This is not a disadvantage, coming during this time period, but keep in mind any previous inventory will have limited sizes available or be completely sold out.



One on One Design Session with the KPea Team

These slots will provide the ticket holder with an hour long design appointment with the KPea Team. The time slot will include two new, one of a kind KPea dresses. (These are the cotton bottom dresses that retail for $48-$58 depending on fabric, design)

Ticket holders can make fabric requests to before the appointment and may also bring their own fabric choices if so desired. Bringing your own fabric is your own add on, as we have thousands of bolts of fabric available. The options are endless. 

The VIP session will also include a preview shopping experience on Friday at 9:00 AM. This is the first shopping time of the ticketed day, and it will be just for the VIPs.

The VIP session will also include a time slot pass for any other one time on Friday.

VIP Sessions are $140 -- Additional Dress spots are $50 each. We will have the additional dress option available to purchase on the day that you purchase your session. Please be sure if you  want additional one of a kind dresses you check out with those spots when you grab your session ticket. This helps us plan more efficiently. There is no additional design cost for extra dresses, just the flat $50 rate. If you would like to add additional all knit options, we can do that the date of your session.

THERE ARE 10 SESSIONS AVAILABLE FOR VIP! Last year we oversold the spots because there was so much site traffic, so just to be prepared for that, we are leaving some time open Saturday morning just in case so we can accommodate everyone. Please keep in mind, we are going to do our best to make this the BEST experience ever! 

VIP is a wonderful experience where you get to directly work with us. I know our VIPs from last year were ecstatic with the whole experience. Above are a couple pictures of how we worked during the sessions!

I know this is a TON of information. Please if you have any questions at all, my email is always available and I can help <> 

The last piece of information is when do tickets go on sale?! TICKETS FOR VIP AND IN PERSON SHOPPING will go on sale on our site Tuesday April 24th at 9:00 PM EST. We will mail out tickets the following week and work to add all ticket holders to the desired VIP group. 

We do not have virtual shopping for this, but I know we have lots of ladies that help each other out with shopping so check our either our KPea Insider Page or any of the independently run KPea Resale pages. 

Feel free to reach out to us! We are here to help.

As always, thank you for being here with us! We love our jobs and love sharing our sweet creations with you and your family. 



BonBon (aka Bonnie) 




  • Chris Blaylock
    September 22, 2018

    I am interested in next years soirée. Please email me about paying for a VIP spot.
    Ty, Chris

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