02 Feb

February Mystery Dress of the Month Sale

Well y'all, it is the first Friday of the new month so that means we are ready for our Mystery Dress of the Month Promotion!

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We just finished packing our January dresses up and they are making their way to the post office and to their new homes. I can tell you, we enjoyed making these SO MUCH! We cannot wait for everyone to receive and let us know how they liked their special pieces. I think that they are going to be so happy they took a chance and ordered for our first Mystery Round ever! 

This month we are thrilled to be offering these gorgeous little pieces again and we hope that you might take a chance for a fun new dress. How about some sneaks of what we made last month?

Eeekkk! We truly loved every piece we made for January Mystery. It was everything from nice florals to a few characters to flamingoes! We cannot wait to see what our friends who receive these will think. 

Mystery knits were so fun for us too! A subtle, girly floral and a little mickey were among some that we designed. 

Oh yes! We cannot forget about the gorgeous little dolly dresses! 

As you can see, I think we are going to have some extremely happy little ones next week when the mail arrives. This month we have changed up the style of dresses a little bit, and we have of course new prints that will be available! 

Just a little side note too if you are nervous about ordering and worried you might not get an item that you "like" - you can leave us a note! We had several ladies leave us notes so that we had a little idea of what they had in mind. This is totally ok to do and we will do our best to accommodate requests. On the listing descriptions for the dresses, there is instructions on how to leave us a note or you can always email me. <bonbon@kpea.co>

Listed above are the pieces for this month! Just click the link below to shop the new promotion for February! Any questions feel free to shoot us an email. <3 



We hope everyone has a blessed Friday and we are so excited to create these new, fun pieces! Have a wonderful day y'all! 





  • Linda Keys
    February 03, 2018

    Thank you! I’m new and unsure what names the dresses are called. May I have the sleeve one with 3/4 sleeves pretty please? And a poofy pocket? It’s 20’ here. Emily is Autistic, so soft is good. She loves knits. She enjoys pretty and busy patterns, if you want to play with making something quirky! No characters please. Emily loves flowers, and happy colors like blue, orange, purple, yellow… not pastels or gray. She also loves umbrellas, animals, and princesses. Emily has health issues, so although she is tall and wears size 10, she is very thin. She has strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Is this helpful? Thanks bunches, Gramma ?

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