16 Jul

KPea Summer 2015 :)

I was trying hard to think of a name for this blog. So much has happened with our company since my last post in May, there was not one subject to focus in on, but many. Since my last post, we hosted our annual KPea Summer Soirée, re-opened our Hudsonville Michigan store, visited with so many friends, and are in the process of planning some fall events far away from home! There is just a lot going on. So I guess I will start by talking a little about our Summer Soirée! 

Every year in June, we host a big shopping party at our home store in Elmore, Ohio. This is a very big event for us and we plan for months to make sure it is perfect. This year, we started planning in January. It is always scary going into party week. Even though we know that we are going to see so many old friends and new, we always want to make sure that they are happy with what we have for them. We work so hard to make sure that there is a huge variety of dresses so that there truly is something there for everyone. This year was a great success. We had such an amazing time and so did all of our clients that made the trip! We are blessed to be able to put on an event like this every year, and we cannot wait until Summer Soirée 2016! 

Our friends from Texas made their way up to see us in Elmore this year too! We had a BLAST! While these ladies were here, we even planned something fun for them coming this fall :) We will be selling tickets this FRIDAY at 2:30 PM CST! The ticketed shopping day is Saturday the 18th of September from 10AM until 5 PM :) Be sure you are online to score tickets! I think they will go FAST <3 

Check out their boutique if you are not familiar: https://www.facebook.com/MainStreetBoutique.PhotoStudio?fref=ts

After the Summer Party, we had to change gears a little and prepare to re-open our Hudsonville Michigan KPea Store. Our store there needed to close down for a few months as we worked to improve the store itself. We are so excited that we are back up and running. We had our opening last weekend and it was perfect. I could have not been happier or more excited to start building our store there. If you are ever in the Grand Rapids area, stop by and see us! We are really working hard to have some amazing pieces and deals just for that store! 

Here is a peek of the store! Do not worry, if you are not close, we have a separate Facebook page for the store! Our store manager, Annie, even has special deals she posts on there from time to time for anyone who is not close enough to shop! 


Check out their page and give them a 'Like' for us! :) 

So there is the buzz of what has been happening at KPea! One other announcement is that we are planning to make our way to Tampa Bay Florida this fall for a small exclusive shopping event! YAY! We are looking at the first week of November so we will keep y'all posted about specific dates and officially announce toward the end of August. 

Thank you so much to all our friends and family we could not be doing this without all of you! We are thankful everyday that this is what we get to do with our lives; thanking the Lord for all His blessings! 

God Bless! 




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